10 Tools Java Developers Should Learn in 2022 UPDATED

As applications grow larger, troubleshooting becomes more difficult. Hence, developers need to become comfortable with tools that can profile the application as it runs and identify Java instances and methods that slow down the application or even cause it to crash. However, Artifactory and Nexus are no longer exclusively tied to Java code and Maven builds. These artifact management tools now have the capacity to act as repositories for Docker images, JavaScript libraries and any other type of binary resource you can think of. It’s important to verify that your JDK installation was successful, and the best way to do so is to run a few of the command-line interface tools packaged in the bin directory of the JDK.

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  • It was released in 1995, but is still the fifth-most-used language according to Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey.
  • There are a lot of tools available to you as a Java developer, and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming.
  • They help to save time, highlight potential issues, and ease the work of developers.
  • You can learn it to further improve your productivity if you happen to know Eclipse already.

Its syntax is Java syntax, but with fewer rules, which makes it easier to read. Groovy helps you avoid much of the work Java would make you do; for example, it auto-imports commonly used classes, adds optionally typed variable declarations, and boasts strong scripting capabilities. Groovy can be compiled to Java bytecode just like a normal Java program, or you can execute it using shell scripts. One might think that with the popularity of Python, R, and Go, Java may have gone out of style.

Tools Java Developers Should Learn in 2022 – (UPDATED)

Contrary to Spring’s large ecosystem, Spark is a microframework for creating web applications in Java with minimal effort. Gradle is particularly useful for complex databases, because it tends to be faster and because it offers advanced analysis and debugging services. But its learning curve is higher if you’re not familiar with Groovy or Kotlin. Although Google has now replaced Java with Kotlin as their preferred language how to become a java developer for Android apps, Java is still used for many of the mobile apps you use every day. Once you’ve compiled your app with Android Studio, and if the app is in line with Google’s developer policies, you can publish it directly on the Google Play Store. Cobertura is free Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests. It can also be used to identify which parts of Java program are lacking test coverage.

Which build tool is best for Java?

  1. Jenkins. This is a Java-based open-source build automation server.
  2. Apache Ant. This is another Java-based, open source build tool.
  3. Gradle. If you want a modern version of Apache Ant, I recommend Gradle.
  4. TeamCity.
  5. Maven.
  6. Travis CI.
  7. CMake.
  8. sbt.

Java tools are useful for development, re-developering, and migration of applications. Stephen Chin, Melissa McKay, Ixchel Ruiz, and Baruch Sadogursky from JFrog help you evaluate an array of options. The list includes source control with Git, build declaration with Maven and Gradle, CI/CD with CircleCI, package management with Artifactory, containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, and much more. Whether you’re building applications with Jakarta EE, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, MicroProfile, Micronaut, or Quarkus, this comprehensive guide has you covered. But, overall, this Java programming tools list should give you a reasonable overview and help you to become a productive programmer.

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Flyway is an open-source Java Development Tools, authorized under Apache License 2.0 that encourages you to execute automated and version based database migrations. Beyond that, the Spring Framework gives primary help to various application architectures, including informing, transactional data and persistence, and web.

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Along with web applications, Java is also useful in data science, Machine Learning, cloud computing, AR & VR, and other advancements in technology. As such, many of the vendors that have a presence in any of those other Java programming tool categories also offer CI tools. It’s no coincidence that the likes of Atlassian, GitLab and JetBrains show up in multiple categories. These vendors believe a suite of tools under the same umbrella that covers many aspects of the software development lifecycle gives them an advantage over tools that are singularly focused. FindBugsis an open source Java project for static investigation.

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GitLab is similarly easy to use, but it goes beyond simple source code management and provides out-of-the-box connectivity with CI/CD tools. Likewise, Bitbucket is one part of Atlassian’s tool suite, which includes Jira, Confluence and Crucible. JasperReports is one of the most popular open-source Java reporting tools. It supports multiple data sources and various exporting file formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML and XML. It is a Java class library and is meant for Java developers that require reporting capabilities in their apps.

Git comes packaged with a tool named Git GUI, which includes a nice feature set. Many developers tasked with code integration and merge-conflict fixes, however, swear by tools such as Sourcetree, GitKraken, TortoiseGit and Tower. This one is a Java profiler that permits on-demand profiling during development or creation; this implies you can guarantee your product satisfies the most noteworthy guidelines of value. On-demand profiling implies the profiled application can be kept running without bringing about any overheads. Dockeris one of the essentialJava Development Toolsfor Java Developers taking a shot at Enterprise application development projects. Numerous developer imagines that learning an IDE likeEclipse,NetBeansorIntelliJ IDEAis sufficient, however, that is only the beginning of the procedure.

I am sure you have already used an IDE as I hardly know a Java developer who doesn’t use IDE, but most of the users just learn one IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans and simply ignore others. Companies are using Splunk to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize machine data. If you want to learn more about Splunk, The Complete Splunk Beginner Course on Udemy is a good starting point.

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It is most popular amongst Java developers for being the best tool for dependency management, debugging, build actions, and collaboration. Apache Tomcat is a web server and servlet container used for deploying and serving Java web applications. Servlets are Java programs that run on a Java-enabled web server or application server.


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